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Willful -deliberate, intentional, done with purpose.


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What do you desire most in your life? What areas do you feel unsatisfied in, and want to create positive change? 

Are you ready to take action to make that change? 

As we seek a more satisfied, more joyful experiences of life, we discover the direction best suited for our unique version of success, and we move closer and closer to living at our highest potential. But in order to do that, you have to move past the habits and routines that are keeping you stuck exactly where you are. This process takes work, but I promise you, it IS possible.  

You have the capacity to live the life of your dreams! A life that is tailor made to your unique version of success. 

I support  gay/queer/bi/trans men to move past challenges, so that they can step fully into their power, authenticity, and full self expression and succeed in every area of their lives! My coaching is a collaborative process that will help you create the life that you want and live at your highest potential. Willfully Living gives you the clarity, skills, and confidence you need to successfully achieve your goals, manifest your dreams, and boldly step into your fantastic future! 

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 Currently, my life feels full, and rich with purpose, freedom, and fun! My work brings me joy and is aligned with my values, skills, and experience. But it hasn't always been like this. I used to be afraid to step outside of the status quo career path, and I was stuck working jobs with schedules that weren't right for me, for bosses that caused me stress and anxiety. I also didn't feel  confident to be fully myself in my relationships or friendships. Because of my fear of failure, I almost settled for a more generic version of success, letting go of the search for my life's purpose. But I've pushed through my self-doubts and fears to step more and more into what I'm called to do. I’ve persevered through challenges and set-backs to ultimately create a life that is exactly right for me. Some of my bolder moments on this journey included starting a nightlife production company; quitting my 9-5 job and becoming a freelance nonprofit consultant; writing, producing and performing a successful one-person show in NYC; serving as the Executive Director for an LGBTQ retreat center; starting a theater-based organization that unpacks ideas about masculinity; and, of course, starting  Willfully Living! Let me support you on your journey by  CLICKING HERE! 

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t SIGN UP! Are you ready to get clarity about what you really want to do and accomplish with your life? Are you ready  to get the support you need to courageously take steps to manifest that big, bold vision? Then let's get to work! Contact me to set up a FREE half hour “Fantastic Future Visioning” session, where you’ll get immediate resources to start producing beneficial results today! Also, CLICK HERE to read about my 4-hour, in-person VIP experience offerings. 







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"Working with Wil has been invaluable and inspiring!" -Dave, NYC

"Whenever I finish a coaching session with Wil, I feel a deep sense of clarity, determination, and gratitude. Wil is gifted in his ability to both address the specific concerns I am bringing as well as identify new patterns, discoveries, and questions I hadn't considered.

I first reached out to Wil when I was grappling with a professional transition that required moving across the country. My conversations with Wil helped me reframe what those transitions meant for me, what I was bringing to them, and how I could ground myself as I moved through them. He empowers me with tools that bring me into the present, deepen relationships, and allow me to take on my goals. I know that I carried myself with more confidence and belief in my success after working with Wil, and moved through those transitions with more ease and grace as a result. What is most powerful in my time with Wil has been his capacity to listen deeply and guide me, while honoring my role as the driver and expert on my life, goals, and relationships. Working with Wil has been invaluable and inspiring!"

"Wil is a thoughtful listener, compassionate co-explorer, and an excellent person to have in your corner. If you are looking for someone who will engage you and deepen your understanding of yourself and your place in the world, talk with Wil! I highly recommend Wil for life coaching."

—Artistic & Theatrical Director

“From our first session, my life began to turn around." -Jennifer ; Yardley, PA

“From our first session, my life began to turn around. Before we started working with each other, my dear mother had passed away and I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. I had not worked in 18 years. I had no direction. Wil’s encouragement and wisdom pulled me out of the isolated and purposeless life that I was living. Currently, I have a job that I love helping others and have been very successful. I received a Leadership Certificate from a prestigious University and have made many important connections. I did not have the confidence that I needed to acquire a job, let alone be considered a leader. I now, live a full life and would not have been able to accomplish all that I have without Wil. I highly recommend him.” 

“Where desire and yearning meets thoughtfulness, compassion, and planning; that’s where you’ll find Wil Fisher and his life-coaching approach! His patience, listening skills, and keen intuition helped me find clarity in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend his life-coaching services!”

-Michael M

Newlywed and Veteran Services Clinical Director

"I am still using those practices now, two years later!" -Omri

"Working with Wil helped me focus on my priorities. He coached me to adopt new, effective practices to help me meet my goals. I am still using those practices now, two years later!" -Omri

"Wil helped me with a struggle I had for years. His gentle but firm guidance helped me reframe my feelings and look more rationally at the issue. I went from feeling plagued and put-upon to accepting and calm. Wil and I systematically broke down the problem and created achievable steps in a timeline that felt comfortable and attainable. I worried a coaching experience might be a mixture of coddling and stagnating counseling with equal parts lecturing and wagging of the finger, but instead our work was constructive and simultaneously healing. You cannot go wrong in hiring Wil, he is worth millions." 

-Anna, Lawyer, San Diego

"I’m finally working on my book! This year I have enough money coming in from my freelance work to focus on my book. It’s a ton of work, but I can’t not write it! I have an interested publisher, too!"

 - Tracy, Writer, Upstate NY


"Wil is a natural leader who has inspired me since our paths first crossed. His wisdom and passion for living life fully and unapologetically are among the qualities that have set him up to be an effective life coach. 

I recommend him highly!"

Chris Panzica, Psychotherapist


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